Tiếng anh 7 unit 1 hobbies, tiếng anh 7 unit 1: hobbies

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1 Listen & read.





To set the context for the introductory conversation;

To introduce the topic of the unit, the vocabulary, the sounds, và the grammar points to be learnt.

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– Ask Ss khổng lồ look at the pictures on pages 8 - 9 and answer the questions below:

1. Can you guess who they are?

2. What can you see in the pictures?

3. What hobby vì they have?

– T introduces the two characters: Trang và Ann. Explain they are friends. Quickly write Ss’ answers khổng lồ Questions 2 - 3 on the board.

– Play the recording twice for Ss to lớn listen & read along. Have Ss underline the words that are related lớn the topic of the unit while they are listening and reading.

– Invite some pairs of Ss to lớn read the conversation aloud.

– Now refer khổng lồ the answers to lớn Questions 2 - 3 on the board. Confirm the correct answers (Question 2: a girl with a dollhouse, a dollhouse, & a girl riding a horse. Question 3: Trang's hobby is building dollhouses, and Ann's hobby is horse riding.)

– Have Ss say the words in the text that they think are related khổng lồ the topic Hobbies. Quickly write the words on one part of the board. Bình luận on Ss’ answers.

Audio script – Track 2:

Ann: Your house is very nice, Trang.

Trang: Thanks! Let’s go upstairs. I’ll show you my room.

Ann: I love your dollhouse. It’s amazing. Did you make it yourself?

Trang: Yes. I lượt thích building dollhouses very much.

Ann: Really? Is it hard to lớn build one?

Trang: Not really. All you need is some cardboard và glue. Then just use a bit of creativity. What do you bởi in your miễn phí time?

Ann: I like horse riding.

Trang: That’s rather unusual. Not many people do that.

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Ann: Actually, it’s more common than you think. There are some horse riding clubs in Ha Noi now. I go to lớn the Riders’ Club every Sunday.

Trang: I’d love to go to lớn your club this Sunday. I want khổng lồ learn how khổng lồ ride.

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Getting Started

1. Listen & read. 2. Read the conversation again and and write T (True) or F (False). 3. Write the words và phrases from the box under the correct pictures. Then listen, check, & repeat. 4. Work in pairs. Write the hobbies from 3 in the suitable columns. 5. (Game) Find someone who...

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A Closer Look 1

1. Complete the words webs below with the words from the box. 2. Complete the sentences, using the -ing size of the verbs from the box. 3. Look at the pictures and say the sentences. Use suitable verbs of liking or disliking và the -ing form. 4. Listen và repeat. Pay attention to the sounds /ə/ và /ɜː/ 5. Listen to lớn the sentences và pay attention lớn the underlined parts. Tick the appropriate sounds. Practise the sentences.

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A Closer Look 2

1. Match the sentences (1-5) to lớn the correct uses (a-c). 2. Complete the sentences. Use the present simple khung of the verbs. 3. Fill in each blank with the correct khung of the verb in brackets. 4. Write complete sentences, using the given words & phrases. You may have to change the words or địa chỉ some.5. (Game) Sentence race. Work in groups.

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1. Listen and read the dialogue below. Pay attention lớn the questions and answers. 2. Work in pairs. Ask và answer questions about what you lượt thích and don"t like doing. 3. Answer the questions. Fill in column A with your answers. 4. Now interview your friends, using the question in 3. Write his/ her answers in column B. 5. Compare your answer with your friend"s. Then present them to lớn the class.

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Skills 1

1. Work in pairs. Look at the picture và discuss the questions below. 2. Read the text about gardening. Match each word in column A with its definition in column B. 3. Read the text again. Complete each sentence with no more than THREE words. 4. Work in pairs. Match each hobby with its benefit(s). One hobby may have more than one benefit. 5. Work in groups. Ask one another the following questions. Then present your partners" answers to lớn the class.

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Skills 2

1. Look at the picture. What hobby is it? vì you think it is a good hobby? Why or why not? 2. Listen khổng lồ an interview about Trang’s hobby. Fill in each blank in the mind bản đồ with ONE word or number. 3. What is your hobby? Fill in the blanks below. 4. Now write a paragraph of about 70 words about your hobby. Use the notes in 3. Start your paragraph as shown below.

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Looking back

1. Complete the sentences with appropriate hobbies. 2. Write true sentences about you & your family members. 3. Use the present simple size of each verb to complete the passage. 4. Change the following sentences into questions và negative ones.

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1. Brainstorm some interesting & easy-to-do hobbies. 2. Choose a popular one among teens & discuss its benefits. 3. Create a poster about this hobby. Find suitable photos for it or draw your own pictures. 4. Present the hobby lớn the class. Try to persuade your classmates to take it up.

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