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"A barrier has been broken."

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Not lớn be confused with the Rip Indra (Second Sea Boss) or Rip Indra (NPC).


rip_indra (Raid Boss) (also known simply as “Indra”) is a Lv. 5000 Raid quái thú based on one of the game's main developers of the same name. Upon defeat, he grants the player MoneyIcon 45,000-55,000, FragmentIcon 1500, three levels, the Shadow Sovereign title, and the ability lớn use the Portals located throughout the map. Indra has a 100% chance of dropping the Valkyrie Helmet and a 2.5% chance of dropping the Dark Dagger.

rip_indra (Raid Boss) uses Dark Blade V2 as his primary weapon. Once low enough health, Indra gets all of his HP back and “awakens” lớn his "True Form". Once awakened, rip_indra (True Form) uses Dark Blade V3 (Slayer Skin) and other diverse admin abilities.


Castle on the Sea palace

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rip_indra (Raid Boss) spawns inside the palace of the Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea. The player can tell when Indra is spawned, as everyone’s screen shakes and the world's atmosphere becomes covered in very thick fog, this fog is so sánh thick that it's difficult lớn see clearly.

Obtaining God's Chalice methods

  1. Obtain a God's Chalice by killing Elite Pirates with a small drop chance (2.5% or 5%)
  2. A God's Chalice spawning in a random chest every 4 hours (100%)
  3. “Praying” on the Gravestone NPC, located at the Haunted Castle (1% and also grants Hallow Essence)


After obtaining a God's Chalice, the Aura color quest is required next. Complete it by pressing 3 buttons hidden around Castle on the Sea, the player needs the 3 legendary Aura colors equipped lớn press the buttons: Snow White (White), Pure Red (Red) and Winter Sky (Pink). The player doesn't need lớn have a God's Chalice for the buttons lớn be pressed, it can be done anytime and by any player. Which is why it's recommended lớn look for a God's Chalice in a public server, as fighting rip_indra (Raid Boss) in a group is easier. After all the buttons are pressed, head into the castle hall and place the God's Chalice on the pedestal located lớn the right of the entrance.

Location of the Buttons

Buttons Location

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  • rip_indra (Raid Boss) must be spawned lớn start the Tushita puzzle, he does not need lớn be alive lớn complete it.
  • Unless the player already owns all three legendary Aura Colors, multiple players are recommended lớn complete the button puzzle.
  • He will despawn after a while, so sánh the server has lớn kill Indra quick lớn prevent despawning.
  • The Pink button is on top of the image lớn the right (on the building), the Red one is behind the image on the right, and the White one is once you go out the smaller building lớn right behind that big pillar.


  • While Indra is spawned, the "Castle on the Sea" will be temporarily renamed lớn "Battle of the Gods" and the theme will change lớn Lizard Bandit Clan, which was composed by @DTF.
  • Indra is the quái thú that rewards the highest Bounty/Honor in game upon defeat, being 125,000.
  • Upon summoning, everyone in the same server as Indra being spawned in will have their screen shake.
  • When Indra spawns, the entire map will be surrounded by a thick white fog and it will be very hard lớn see until he gets killed.
  • He is the only Raid quái thú lớn have a second sườn.
  • rip_indra, Fishman Lord, Don Swan and Beautiful Pirate are the only Bosses with two forms.