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Master Ma

Master Ma intertitle

Traditional Chinese馬永貞之爭霸上海灘 /
Simplified Chinese马永贞之争霸上海滩 /
Literal meaningMa Yongzhen: Conquering the Shanghai Bund /
Ma Yongzhen: Blood of the Hero
Hanyu PinyinMá Yǒngzhēn Zhī Zhēngbà Shànghǎitān /
Má Yǒngzhēn Zhī Yīngxíong Xuě
GenrePeriod drama, martial arts drama
Screenplay byWai-ma Group
Directed byFan Sau-ming
Wong Kun-fai
StarringKenny Ho
Yu Hsiao-fan
Anita Lee
Cheng Pei-pei
Chan Hung-lit
Norman Chui
Fan Bingbing
Howie Huang
Theme music composerWong Bong-yin
Opening theme"Men of Iron Blood" (鐵血男兒) performed by Ngan Chun-lam
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes22 (season 1)
20 (season 2)
Executive producersLau Man-ban
Luk Bo-chuen
So Kwok-leung
ProducersFan Sau-ming
Ngai Ho-wo
Chow Hiu-fung
Choi Yu-ban
Ma Kit
Chow Ling-gong
Production locationsHong Kong
CinematographyLau Tat-shing
Kwok Chi-yan
Chow Chun-lun
EditorChiu Hung-shing
Running time45 minutes per episode
Production companiesATVCTV
Original networkATV

Master Ma is a 1998 Hong Kong-Taiwanese two-season television series produced by the television stations ATV and CTV. It is loosely based on the life of Ma Yongzhen (馬永貞), a Hui Chinese martial artist who lived during the late Qing dynasty. The series was directed by Fan Sau-ming and starred Kenny Ho as the eponymous character.


Season 1[edit]

The series is mix in the Warlord Era of early 20th-century Trung Quốc. Ma Yongzhen and his mother, Ma Daniang, live in Shandong Province, where they raise horses for Marshal Duan's army. One night, the stables mysteriously catch fire and the horses are lost. The marshal's men arrest Ma Yongzhen and his mother and prepare đồ sộ execute them for their negligence. However, Ma Yongzhen and his mother fight their way out of the prison and escape đồ sộ a safe location. Ma Yongzhen later makes his way alone đồ sộ Shanghai đồ sộ earn a new living.

In Shanghai, Ma Yongzhen becomes famous after winning a horse race and a martial arts tournament. However, he also gets into trouble with the two most powerful gangs in Shanghai: the White Gang led by Bai Laili and the Wuhu Gang led by Xue Changchun. At the same time, he starts a romance with Xue Changchun's mistress, the opera singer Liu Juchi, but has no chance đồ sộ be with her. With the help of Duan Lengcui and others, Ma Yongzhen forms the Zhendong Gang đồ sộ help the poor and fight injustice, unlike the other gangs. At the over of Season 1, Ma Yongzhen and his Zhendong Gang destroy the Wuhu Gang and make an uneasy peace with the White Gang.

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Season 2[edit]

Season 2 revolves around a rivalry between Ma Yongzhen and Bai Laili. Bai Laili resorts đồ sộ various cunning means in his attempt đồ sộ destroy Ma Yongzhen and the Zhendong Gang. First, he sends his men đồ sộ infiltrate the Zhendong Gang and steal a shipment of foreign goods stored in their warehouses. Next, he orders his henchman Tang Biao đồ sộ assassinate the French consul and frame Ma Yongzhen for the murder. Eventually, with the help of Duan Lengcui's father, who turns out đồ sộ be Marshal Duan, Ma Yongzhen succeeds in clearing his name and solving the problems. With Marshal Duan đồ sộ back him up, Ma Yongzhen manages đồ sộ keep Bai Laili and the White Gang at cất cánh for some time.

At the same time, Ma Yongzhen's feelings for Liu Juchi gradually diminish as he becomes more romantically attracted đồ sộ Duan Lengcui and they are eventually engaged. Marshal Duan and the Japanese consul convince Ma Yongzhen đồ sộ tư vấn them in opening a hospital đồ sộ provide medical services for the poor in Shanghai and improve Sino-Japanese ties. However, Ma Yongzhen and his friends later discover that Marshal Duan is secretly collaborating with the Japanese đồ sộ develop biological weapons in the hospital. In return, the Japanese will aid the marshal in defeating the Kuomintang government. At the same time, Ma Yongzhen encounters Kimura, a hostile Japanese karateka on Bai Laili's side who constantly makes trouble for him.


  • Kenny Ho as Ma Yongzhen (馬永貞), the protagonist and the quấn of the Zhendong Gang.
  • Grace Yu as Liu Juchi (柳菊池), an opera singer who is also Xue Changchun's mistress and Ma Yongzhen's first love interest.
  • Anita Lee as Duan Lengcui (段冷翠), Marshal Duan's daughter and Ma Yongzhen's second love interest.
  • Cheng Pei-pei as Ma Daniang (馬大娘), Ma Yongzhen's mother.
  • Chan Hung-lit as Bai Laili (白癩痢), the quấn of the White Gang.
  • Norman Chui as Xue Changchun (薛長春), the quấn of the Wuhu Gang.
  • Fan Bingbing as Bai Xiaodie (白小蝶), Bai Laili's daughter. At the over of Season 2, she is revealed đồ sộ be Ma Yongzhen's long-lost younger sister, Ma Suzhen, who has been adopted by Bai Laili.
  • Howie Huang as Sun Jisheng (孫濟生), a doctor and Kuomintang spy. He is Bai Xiaodie's lover.
  • Yang Sheng as Jiang Shiguang (蔣世光), a policeman in Shanghai who befriends Ma Yongzhen. He is promoted đồ sộ Deputy Chief Inspector later.
  • Lin Jing as Wenjing (文靜), a news journalist and Jiang Shiguang's love interest.
  • Cheng Sihan as Lu Kuangtian (盧況天), a warlord who takes control of Shanghai in Season 1.
  • Lung Tien-hsiang as Tang Biao (唐彪), Bai Laili's right-hand man.
  • He Zhonghua as Luo Zhan (羅湛), one of Xue Changchun's henchman. At the over of Season 1, he falls off a cliff during the battle between the Wuhu Gang and Zhendong Gang and is believed đồ sộ be dead. However, in Season 2, it is revealed that he was saved by Sun Jisheng and has become a Kuomintang spy đồ sộ help Sun Jisheng in gathering intelligence in Shanghai.
  • Chang Chen-huan as Duan Tianfeng (段天峰), a warlord who takes control of Shanghai in Season 2.
  • Mondi Yau as Chen Jiamei (陳嘉美), a Japanese spy in disguise as a courtesan. She becomes Bai Laili's mistress.
  • Shen Meng-sheng as Ding Xianjin (丁先進), the son of a wealthy businessman who uses his family fortune đồ sộ start a drama troupe đồ sộ provide miễn phí entertainment đồ sộ the poor. He falls in love with Liu Juchi.
  • Kou Zhanwen as Kimura (木村), a ruthless and overbearing Japanese karateka.


The series was remade in 2012 as a mainland Chinese television series titled Ma Yongzhen, directed by Kuk Kwok-leung and starring Danny Chan as Ma Yongzhen. Norman Chu and He Zhonghua are cast in the remake as Bai Laili and Xue Changchun respectively.

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See also[edit]

  • Boxer from Shantung, a 1972 Hong Kong film based on the life of Ma Yongzhen.