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- Who is prophecy?if funky is m?t game mô tả tìm kiếm have?the game show Who is prophecy?u millionaire by VTV3 that?c hi?n.
- In game is now?the said:??i d?n?the the THIS L?i V?n Of r?t used to tát fall?c.
- H? that?the question h?i ?a d?the v?i 80.000 the h?i and ?? h?a b?t m?t
- Besides, đoạn Clip Games still missing h?p ch?c n?the G?I ?I?M GIVEN THAT?THE line for:?the b?got your's? ?i?m tall and fast but?t.
- H? b? the screen horizontally when running?i'm game.
- H? that?the question h?i landscape t? d? ??n hard v?i'm?i l?but v?c ki?so much of it?c for m?i l?a nun?i like? Accounting h?c, it Turns h?c, V?t lee, Born h?c, V?n h?c, Money?the you and children?u l?but v?c v? hi?n t??the department of h?c t? course...

B?if the?if a game studio?c v? GAMESV, so sánh what??the hi?u k?i location move ??the restaurant ??u t?i Vi?t South.
C?m ?n m?stay??i ?was a good idea.and a donation idea for a game, b?n m?i ?to c?p:?t add the h?i and s?a l?i question him?i was wrong, good b?n ch?i game good?. Games don't get n?i like?the competition?u feeling, hope the b?to share opinion ?? we have:?the s?have?m complete the exam?n h?n

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- The game show host voice THIS Future Van Sam is familiar.
- System with principle 80,000 questions varied questions and eye-catching graphics
- trò chơi is also integrated functionality TO SCORE award for the highest score and you have the fastest.
- Support horizontal screen during game play.
- A rich questions from easy to tát difficult with all areas of knowledge for all ages such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Literature, English, and many areas of natural science phenomena However other ...

Copyright belongs GAMESV game, brand leading mobile entertainment print Vietnam.
Thank you everyone who has played and suggestions for the game, his new version has updated questions and fix the wrong questions, wish you happy gaming. trò chơi inevitable shortcomings, hope you suggestions so sánh that we have more complete product

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