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Engfa Waraha

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อิงฟ้า วราหะ

MGT01 Miss Grand Bangkok Engfa Waraha promotion video

Born15 February 1995 (age 28)

Uthai Thani Province, Thailand

Other names
  • Mook (มุก)
  • Fa
  • Singer
  • Beauty pageant Titleholder
  • Model
  • Actress
Height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)[1]
Beauty pageant titleholder
TitleMiss Grand Bangkok 2022
Miss Grand Thailand 2022
Years active2018–present
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Miss Grand Bangkok 2022
Miss Grand Thailand 2022
Miss Grand International 2022
(1st Runner-up)
WebsiteMiss Grand Thailand

Engfa Waraha (Thai: อิงฟ้า วราหะ, RTGS: Ingfa Waraha, pronounced [ʔīŋ.fáː wá(ʔ).rāː.hàʔ]; born 1995), nicknamed Mook (Thai: มุก, RTGS: Muk, pronounced [múk]; lit. "Pearl"), is a Thai singer and beauty queen from Bangkok province.[2][3][4] She was previously known for her first appearance on the seventh season of the Voice Thailand[2][5][6] In 2022, she won the national contest of Miss Grand Thailand 2022 as the representative of the capital đô thị Bangkok,.[2][7][8] She represented Thailand at Miss Grand International 2022 held in Indonesia on 25 of October, where she placed as first runner up.[9][10]

Personal life[edit]

Engfa was born in Uthai Thani province into a family of musicians; her father was a keyboardist and her mother was a luk thung (Thai pop-country) singer.[2][4][11][3]

Early career[edit]

Since she was born into a musician family, she was able to tát learn musical skills from her parents, and began performing on stage at the age of six.[2][3][12] Moreover, her acquaintance and closeness with hometown traditions since childhood inspired her to tát dream of becoming a Likay, as well as a Thai blessing ceremonial officiant (Thai: ช่างทำขวัญ).[5][13] At the age of 17, due to tát her father's terminal cancer, she signed a 12-year contract with the Bangkok-based artist management organ "Sangravee Entertainment" to tát earn some money for the treatment,[14][15][16] under such a contract the record label released her four singles; two in năm ngoái and the rest in năm 2016.[14] Later in 2013, a year after her father's death, she had the opportunity to tát meet with a master of the Thai blessing ceremony "Phonraphee Maneethai" (Thai: พรระพี มณีไทย) who later persuaded her to tát study and cultivate the aforementioned officiant skill as well as a Thai verse singing (Thai: ขับเสภา) until proficient enough to tát be able to tát use it for a career.[2][4][13] In addition, before entering the national entertainment industry, she also worked as a waitress, greengrocer, food vendor, caddie, and model.[6][17]

She became known as "Engfa Sangravee" after participating in the seventh season of the Thai reality singing contest The Voice Thailand in 2018 where she was eliminated in the knockout round, the second phase of the contest.[2][5][6] Since then, she occasionally appeared in several TV programs, such as a guest appearance in the Thai situation comedy television program Pen Tor and Raberd Terd Terng [th], taking part in many game show programmes, e.g. 123 Ranking Show of Workpoint TV, Still Standing Thailand of Amarin TV, and Guess My Age of Channel 7.[2]

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In 2020, Engfa had entered the Miss Grand Suphanburi [th] contest, a provincial preliminary pageant for Miss Grand Thailand, but had to tát withdraw due to tát contract problems with her artist manager organ,[2][7][5] which she signed at the age of 17.[14][15][16] However, she returned to tát pageantry again in 2022 and was able to tát win the crown of Miss Grand Bangkok [th] 2022 and is dubbed a contestant who has the potential to tát win the national title of Miss Grand Thailand 2022 since crowning the provincial queen.[2][3][5]

After winning the provincial stage, she took part in the Miss Grand Thailand 2022 pageant in April and eventually won the title.[2][7][8]


Single Discography
  • 2015: Jing Hrue Plao (Thai: จริงหรือเปล่า, Is that true?)
  • 2015: Yuek Yak (Thai: ยึกยัก, Roughly)
  • 2016: Khao Ma Jeeb Noo Na (Thai: เขามาจีบหนูนะ, He flirts with me)
  • 2016: Mai Sod Kor Hlob Di (Thai: ไม่โสดก็หลบดิ, Boot out, the benching) featuring Mila
  • 2023: THAITANIUM - Ta Lueng Baby (feat. Engfa, Twopee Southside, FIIXD, SARAN)


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Awards and achievements
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Suphatra Kliangprom

Miss Grand Bangkok [th]

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Pimjira Charoenluk

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Indy Johnson [th]

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Miss Grand Thailand

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Thaweeporn Phingchamrat [th]

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Ecuador Andrea Aguilera

Miss Grand International
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